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As security leaders and practitioners, we are faced with an opportunity to rethink risk and build a more transparent and effective security approach. This community exists to encourage conversation, collaboration, and camaraderie as we navigate the changing security landscape.

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The Insider Risk Excellence Awards

The Insider Risk Excellence Awards recognize the best of the best in Insider Risk Management. They honor organizations and individuals who have implemented Insider Risk Management (IRM) solutions in innovative ways. They are protecting their IP and sensitive company data while supporting modern workforces to collaborate and elevate productivity without heavy-handed security measures hindering operations and legitimate work.

2023 Award Winners have been announced!


Virtual Event | Tuesday, June 27

Join the winners of the Insider Risk Excellence Awards as they discuss the latest insider risk trends and challenges. From best practices in protecting IP and sensitive company data, to supporting modern workforces collaborate without heavy-handed security measures hindering operations and legitimate work. 

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