CPE Credits

Every security practitioner has to engage in Continuing Professional Education (CPE). 

The most common way you’d interact with CPEs is through the formal process to submit CPE credits for the CISSP certification. Insider Risk Community Events are a great opportunity to receive CPE credits throughout the year.

At most Insider Risk Community events, you can accrue CPE credits for each accredited session you register for and attend. Following the event, if you require proof of participation, please email cpe@insiderrisksummit.com and we will provide you with a CPE certificate for your records.

You must attend sessions under your registered email address and through the event platform to qualify for CPE credits.


  • What are CPE’s?
    • Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs) are the commonly used method of indicating to certification bodies and employers that industry-practitioners understand the current landscape in their field. Within security they are most associated with the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification, however they are necessary for many other industry certs as well. 
  • How are they counted?
    • In most cases, CPEs are allocated based on a 1:1 (one hour = one credit) basis however when in doubt, check with the certification body in question. The CISSP (as an example) has a requirement of 40 CPE credits per year and 120 CPE credits over a 3 year period.
  • How will I know which sessions qualify for CPEs?
    • Each event will not how many credit are available. If there are multiple session we will note how many credits can be earned per session.
  • How do I qualify?
    • All attendees of Insider Risk Community events will qualify for CPEs for the accredited sessions that they attend.
  • Can I receive a certificate?
    • Yes, attendees who would like a certificate for their records can email cpe@insiderrisksummit.com within 90 days of the event.

      We will provide them with a certificate of completion for the number of credits they qualify for based upon the session’s registered for and viewership.